I am a student of the Tea Leaf, in life and in the traditions of the Tea Sage Hut. I seek to serve tea with grace and with reverence for all that she is: a practice, a teacher, medicine, and a way to connect us to nature, to our selves, and to each other. In the spring of 2018 I sat the tea and meditation course at the Tea Sage Hut and I traveled with Global Tea Hut on an educational trip to Anxi, Phoenix Mountain, and Chao Zhou in China, further learning from the Leaf and her farmers, and my fellow tea lovers. I will be returning to the Hut in Miaoli, Taiwan in January, 2019. I am honored to share tea with you whenever and wherever our paths may cross.



Ceremony & Events




Global Tea Hut - July 2018


Tea Wayfarer - September 2018




Interview at Tea Sage Hut, March 2018

Annual Global Tea Hut Trip, 2018.
Master Chen’s TieGuanYin in Anxi.

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Fellow Chajin


GLOBAL TEA HUT   -   Tea & Tao Magazine and Community

TEA SAGE HUT   -   Tea School and Center in Miaoli, Taiwan


PUERH BROOKLYN   -   Tea Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

LIVING TEA   -   Online Tea Shop  

YINGGE MULE - Tea and Teaware from Taiwan and China made available in the US

MOJOOSH   -   Educational Tea Workshops and Events in NY


DA QIAN - Potter Peter Kuo in Taiwan

POTS & TEA - Potters Petr Novak and Mirka Randova in Czech Republic